Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Is Sitting the New Smoking? I think we’ve all been there- it’s 9:30am, and we’re stunned out of a daydream, or even vegetative state in front of a 8-5 roost. Is there a better way to approach workstation life, or much ‘ado about nothing?   Over the past 15 years we’ve witnessed larger corporations overhaul their work environments […]

The Cost of Falling

The Cost of Falling What’s the big deal? “Fall” is considered a bad word by every physical therapist. In school, we learned to prevent falls at absolutely all costs, because of the costs incurred by people who fall. Did you know that the average fall costs about $40,000 in the United States? Falls are even […]

Is your Diet Affecting your Ability to Heal?

Is Your Diet Affecting Your Ability to Heal? we’re forgetting something Dealing with chronic pain or an injury to your body can be difficult. Most people are aware of the common strategies to help them feel better. You may be resting, using ice or heat and even using medications. One aspect that most people do […]