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We believe that every person has the innate ability to get the most of their health in order to optimize performance and get back to the activities they love. It is our vision at Sol Physical Therapy that we provide an unrivaled standard of care including the necessary one-on-one time with leading practitioners to help you achieve your life goals.

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Personal + hands on + recovery

Sol Hand and Physical Therapy was created to fill a growing need for patient-centered health care in a fast-paced industry. Our providers are leaders of the field and all have a common vision of keeping our patients at the core of our profession. We are committed to providing the one-on-one time and the personal touch you need to pave your way to success.

We know that experience makes a real difference when it comes to your health. Our patients can rely on being treated with respect and given the outstanding care they deserve on their road to recovery.

What is Sol Doing to Protect you from Covid-19

Because you shouldn’t have to chose between your health and your therapy, Sol is now offering:

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