About Sol

Our Mission

We aim to provide patient-centered physical therapy with a maximum recovery outcome, and an outstanding care experience provided by leading experts.

Personal, Hands-On Recovery

Sol Physical Therapy providers are leaders in the field who share this vision. Our team is dedicated to each individual’s needs and goals, so we personalize one-on-one time to maximize patient outcome and ensure outstanding care. Sol Physical Therapy is ready to provide you with the premium care you deserve on your health journey. 

Relationship-Oriented, Patient-Centered

Invested in Patients and Their Goals

Our practice is relationship-oriented, driven to maintain positive relationships with all patients. We believe that meaningful collaboration with each individual on their healthcare goals leads to enhanced outcomes. This means our physical therapists listen to your specific needs and desires to best customize a treatment plan with exceptional care. We prioritize YOU to deliver patient-centered care focused on your needs and desires. Positive relationships built on trust and respect allow Sol Physical Therapy providers to aid patients in achieving their goals with injury recovery, physical ability maintenance, and chronic pain management. 

Sol is invested in seeing positive outcomes for patients, and our providers channel their elite work ethic into positive physical therapy results. They demonstrate exceptional commitment to every patient by putting in efforts to go the extra mile and avoid cutting corners. We pride ourselves on being intentional with our services, investing in the relationship and physical wellness of every patient. 

Leading Industry Experts

Professionals with Practical Experience and Specialized Knowledge

Sol providers are experts in the physical therapy field, bringing substantial knowledge and practical experience to patient treatment, planning and care. Their combination of formal education, hands-on experience, and notable training distinguishes them as leaders in the industry. These traits, in addition to continuing education to further skillsets, allow our physical therapists to enhance the Sol patient experience.

The Sol Physical Therapy team includes experts with varying specialties and certifications, unique industry experience, and personalized style. We pair each patient with the appropriate therapist to best assist with their specific needs. With the patient-centered approach always top-of-mind, our highly skilled providers at all three Sol locations are eager to provide the Southern Arizona community with elevated healthcare. 

Innovative and Forward-Thinking

Sol challenges the way the physical therapy industry operates, pushing boundaries to discover new ways in treating patients, and in pursuit of the best results. Our complacency-adverse philosophy enables providers to be innovative and forward-thinking in patient treatment plans. 

We encourage our trusted experts to be thoughtful and deliberate with their care, which leads to patients experiencing great, customized service. The medical knowledge and training, in conjunction with out-of-the-box thinking, allows Sol to help patients reach optimal physical abilities through their targeted care plan.